Massage is not always a “one-time fix”.  How bad the injury or soreness is will determine how much massage will be needed to bring your body back to a healthy state and help you maintain it.

After a massage you may be sore for a few days due to the muscles being worked, the toxins being flushed, and the lactic acid being removed.  Keeping up with your water intake and heat/ice activities will help to eliminate some of the soreness.

As a massage client, you should always inform your therapist when things don’t feel right or are uncomfortable. Regular massage helps to maintain your body so that it stays fit and warns your body of sensitive areas before they become problems.




Tim Ciotti
Massage Therapist
26 years Experience
Graduate of the Florida School of Massage
Specialty: Deep Tissue, Sports and Pregnancy
15 Years Work History in Hollywood, CA
My Hollywood Clientele:
The Wellness Center Time Inc People Magazine
Maloof Productions Fredericks of Hollywood Nike
Puma Sprinkles Cupcakes Sony
Playstation Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Cadillac
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